Ready for new beginnings. A fresh start. A blank canvas. What will I create during the year of 2017?

2016 was one for the books. I had a lot of changes during the past year. I focused on Kaked by Katie. Dug deep into where I want to take this new company of mine.

I am soaring through the deep valleys of the pastry world. Where will I make my home?

2016 was beautiful, unexpected, and memorable to say the least..

I gained a beautiful Niece.

Watched my sister marry a great guy, whom I am proud to call my brother-in-law.

My brother switched gears into the IT world and I am so proud of him for taking the leap. I know first hand how difficult it is switching career paths, depleting your savings and dumping it into education, working full-time, and asking yourself if it will all work out…..

My answer is yes – if you pray hard enough, want it bad enough, and keep grinding until you get there. It will.

I met wonderful clients that welcomed me into the best day of their lives. The magnitude, of the previous statement, really takes me back. What an honor it truly is working with couples during this joyous occasion.

Not only the clients but also the wonderful Wedding World, full of vendors like myself, instrumentally working towards a common goal for the happy couple. New friendships have been formed and I feel very welcomed into this beautiful community.

Finally to wrap up my year I got married myself. Not even a week ago, I walked down the isle. <3

What a whirlwind of emotions. I am beyond grateful to be given this new beginning with my ride or die – Josh. I have no doubts that he will continue to push me into new uncharted waters and together we will build a life that I could only dream of.

As, I close my 2016 chapter and look to new horizons; I am reminded of all the amazing people that have gotten me to where I am today.

Thank you to all that have followed me on the journey and have trusted in me! My hope is to continue my journey in the land of Kake and taking you all with me is my greatest joy.

Cheers to the new 2017 Chapter. May it be a prosperous, happy, healthy, and of course sweet!

Stay Sweet,

Katie xxxxx