About Katie

My education has laid the foundation for what I have been able to achieve in such a short time period. Graduating from the French Pastry School, Chicago, in 2014 with Honors in L’Art du Gateau , I trained under some of the worlds elite in the Pastry World, one of which is Master Cake Artist, Chef Nicholas Lodge. Known for writing a dozen books on teaching his unique skills. He was also commissioned to work for England’s Royal Family – producing one of the official wedding cakes for Lady Diana and Prince Charles, and inducted into the International Cake Exploration Societe as the youngest inductee. Chef Nicholas Lodge really set the example on what perfection should look like.

I was then given the opportunity to train with one of the Best Wedding Cake Designers in the World, Faye Cahill, in Sydney, Australia. Faye is Sydney’s leading wedding cake designer, and graces the pages of well-known bridal magazines around the world. I spent my internship working for Faye and learned a great deal on beautifully elaborate designed cakes. I was absolutely in love with Faye’s designs and knew that was the type of cakes I wanted to produce for my customers. I traveled across the world to learn how to execute timeless elegance in the form of Sugar Art.

Having a formal degree from the Prestigious, French Pastry School, Chicago, and training under one the World’s Best Wedding Cake Designers, Faye Cahill, has ultimately shaped me into the Cake Designer that I am today. I am forever grateful for my time at FPS and at Faye Cahill’s Cake Studio. They have both taught me the standard you should set for your product and how to really go above and beyond for your customer. You aren’t just creating a cake; you are creating a cake that people will talk about for their lifetime.