Today was the day I received my Wedding pictures. Talk about a flood of emotions.

Instantly as I scrolled through the photos, my heart began to beat faster, butterflies returned to my stomach, a tear may have rolled down my face, and the only time I have smiled bigger was on that day.

I know this sounds cliché but looking through picture after picture, I really began to realize how lucky I really am.

Lucky to have found my soul mate, Josh. Whom I love more than ever at this very moment.

Lucky to have the most amazing people in my life – celebrating with us every step of the way.

Lucky to have come from the most loving parents. Who blessed me with three of the most important people, my siblings.

Lucky that Josh comes from a family very much like mine. Whose love and guidance turned Josh into the wonderful man he is today.

Lucky for the totally dashing good looks of our Bridal party. Josh and I wouldn’t be the same without you all. Thank you for the countless memories and for willing to be a part of the biggest day of our lives.

I may not understand why I deserve all of these beautiful things.

I continue to be blessed by the grace of God and vow to cherish all the memories.

Because these memories have made my life.