This week’s tutorial is really fulfilling because there is no exact path for this design. Letting your imagination set Sail & leaving all the rules at the door.

Well some of the rules..

We still want to encourage our core Design Values – Solid Structure & Clean Lines.


This Tutorial will walk you through the creation of a chocolate sail, chocolate drip, and other elements that accompany our free-spirited Designed Cakes.

The key is to be prepared before you begin. This will make the Design part less stressful & will also be a timesaver.

Cardinal Rule for being in any Kitchen *ALWAYS do your prep work! Be sure to make up and have on hand all the items that you would like to decorate with: truffles, meringue kisses, cookies, macaroons, buttercream, sprinkles, candies etc..

Lastly, envision where you want to go with your creativity & take your time getting there. Always remember to edit. Start with a little, take a step back to evaluate, & continue.

The more you allow yourself to try new design elements, the easier it will be to find a style that speaks to you.

Being a Cake Designer has always been a Dream of mine but Creating is a necessity.

It’s really amazing to walk the path and see where it takes you. Which speaks to anyone in a creative field. Trends come and go, Styles may fade away, but the love of creating will always be there at the core.

It will awaken the soul & move you to want more.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Coco Chanel